How Vaping Can Help You Reduce Your Calorie Intake

How Vaping Can Help You Reduce Your Calorie Intake 

The New Year is just around the corner. This is a great time to focus on your goals and make healthier choices. Many of us would like to lose weight, eat clean, exercise more, save money, travel, etc. The common theme is making healthier choices and living a higher quality of life. 

Just Juice is committed to supporting our customers on their journey to making healthier decisions. If you are a smoker who has switched to vaping you have made a healthier choice already. Vaping Just Juice eLiquids can support you further in making a better choice to enhance your quality of life. We have a vape hack for you, one to make your new years goals feel not so far away from where you're at today. 

Do you find yourself over indulging in calorie rich, sugar bombs? Most of us do, especially after the holiday gatherings and the plethora of foods, sweets and alcohol we are surrounded by. So you may be coming into the new year with a few extra pounds  you aren't comfortable with. Well the good news is Just Juice has a vape hack for you that can further support you in your weight loss regime. Would you like to trade in all those calories for a satisfying vapor? 

Vaping Just Juice can help you tame your sweet tooth and substitute those sugary treats you’re craving. With over 13 flavors of eLiquid, there are many delectable flavors awiting your discovery. Satisfy your sweet tooth, and even better your waistline will love you for it. Vaping Just Juice to combat cravings may make a noticeable impact on your weight loss journey. Slow down the indulging and start vaping those flavors your love.  Your body will thank you for it. Vape away those cravings with Just Juice eLiquid flavors. How does a vanilla blueberry custard sound? Or a warm cinnamon roll? Try Just Juice Blueberry, Just Juice Vanilla, and Just Juice Honey Cinnamon eLiquid for a pleasant surprise. You can start vaping your sweet craving away today, mix and match your favorite flavors.

Imagine how many calories the strawberry shortcake you’re dreaming of has? (Just Juice has incredible flavored eLiquids that offer you those same taste sensations.) 

You may be wondering how many calories does vaping have? 

Just Juice eLiquids do have calories, not too many, surely not enough to worry about. On average every one milliliter of vape juice has about two to three calories depending on the flavor. Three calories are not enough to raise any health concerns. There is no scientific evidence to prove that our body actually absorbs those three calories from vaping. Start inhaling Just Juice sweet vapor and enjoy the flavors you love while reducing your calorie and sugar intake. Turn your Just Juice vaping experience into a way to assist in making healthier choices. 

When a smoker quits smoking they tend to eat a lot as the sudden drop in nicotine levels in their blood can induce hunger, anxiety, and depression. Just Juice eLiquids are a great help to those who have quit smoking cigarettes and for those who are working on reducing their nicotine intake slowly. Vaping can help you to tackle the nicotine craving while treating your taste buds and slowing down the indulgent impulses. 

What amuses your taste buds may just have a lot of calories. But that's not the case with Just Juice eLiquids. There is no evidence that vaping makes you gain weight, however, you can use your vape to help you offset cravings. You can tame your urge to eat calorie-rich foods by just enjoying the flavor sensations via vaping eLiquid. Vaping is not meant for weight-loss. Vaping Just Juice is just additional support that can help you avoid calories.

There is some evidence that nicotine can improve the body's metabolism and help you burn calories. However, traditional cigarettes offer you a lot of harmful substances along with nicotine. Just Juice offers you tobacco free nicotine without any other harmful substances found in cigarettes. As a result, your body can get the nicotine that boosts your metabolism without the negative effects from cigarette smoking. There is no scientific evidence that non-nicotine vape juice burns calories.

Vaping is not just for nicotine consumption, there are many ways you can use your vaporizer to assist you in making healthier choices. If vaping can help you with your weight loss or eating less sugar, great! Just Juice is pleased to be a part of your journey to a higher quality life. Try Just Juice Honey Cinnamon eLiquid today. Just Juice eLiquids are Available in 12mg or 24mg of nicotine Just Juice has over 13 flavors of Vape Juice. Mix our blueberry and vanilla eLiquid for a delicious combination your tastebuds will love!