Just Juice Flavor Overview

Just Juice Flavor Overview:

Just Juice offers 15 flavors of eLiquid and 3 strengths of nicotine. Just Juice eLiquids are available in 24mg, 12mg, and 0mg strengths. Our eLiquids contain pure tobacco free nicotine. We use a perfectly balanced blend of 60% Propylene glycol and 40% Vegetable glycerin. This blend, coupled with our incredible sources for all natural flavorings make our eLiquid vape juices a completely satisfying experience. Here you will find a flavor overview guide starting with our most popular flavors.

Just Juice Strawberry Flavor

Just Juice strawberry flavor is a must try. The thick, fulfilling vapor is sharp on the inhale, sweet and refreshingly smooth on the exhale. Just Juice Strawberry Flavor delivers the genuine flavor of delicately sweet strawberries. Just Juice Strawberry Flavor will transport you to dreams of warm summer sunshine. If you love strawberries that much, you can still have that same summer fragrance and taste long after these red berries have gone out of season with Just Juice Strawberry Vape Juice.

Just Juice Tobacco Flavor

Just Juice Tobacco Flavor is prevalent for former smokers who have turned to vaping and it comes in an array of flavorful forms such as pure tobacco and added flavorings. The most popular tobacco flavors are typically mixed with cream, custard and caramel, delivering a perfect balance. 

Just Juice Menthol Flavor

Just Juice Menthol Flavor Vape Juice is of the most popular flavors for entry-level vapors who have quit smoking cigarettes. The icy cool sensation of menthol vape juice is typically blended with another fruit vapor like strawberry, watermelon or apple. Bringing an excitement of a cooling rush on the exhale. 

Just Juice Vanilla Flavor

Just Juice Vanilla is one of our favorite eLiquid flavors, hands down, for its creamy smooth vanilla taste and sugary sweetness. Imagine indulging in a huge scoop of rich creamy vanilla custard ice cream that never ends, Just Juice Smooth Vanilla is that delectable indulgence you crave. The authentic flavor that you only get direct from the vanilla bean. Perfect for those vapers who can’t get enough of the sharp pronounced taste of a vanilla shake, creamy and smooth. 

Just Juice Honey Cinnamon Flavor

Just Juice Honey Cinnamon flavor is a phenomenal dessert blend. Warm cinnamon coupled with rich velvety honey brings warmth and comfort like a cup of tea on a cold morning. Just Juice Honey Cinnamon is a perfectly balanced convenient treat you can take on the go. Just Juice Honey Cinnamon has the depth and richness of honey with a hint of cinnamon that can has a comforting effect. 

Just Juice Mango Flavor

Just Juice Mango Flavor is a favorite amongst the many different flavors we offer. Mango is sheer delight in a vape. Satisfying and smooth, Just Juice Mango flavor brings your vaping experience to the next level. Our mango flavor has those tantalizing notes of tang that make the mouth water. 

Just Juice Apple Flavor

Just Juice Apple Flavor is simple and smooth. Our apple vape juice is a sweet refreshment. Taste the blast of ripe juicy apples through each inhale. This juice is great for those who love sweet, fruity vape juices

Just Juice Pineapple Flavor 

Just Juice Pineapple Flavor brings the bright and fruity taste of a freshly cut pineapple- totally irresistible. Enjoying pineapple on a tropical island is now just a puff away. This flavor is sweet and crisp. Just Juice pineapple flavor brings the feeling of being on the beach complete with hula dancers and big waves.

Just Juice Watermelon Flavor 

Just Juice Watermelon flavor is mouth watering and truly irresistible. Our Watermelon Liquid definitely does not disappoint. Refresh with Just Juice Watermelon flavor- a burst of summer wherever you go. This is as close to the real thing as you can get.

Just Juice Blueberry Flavor

Just Juice Blueberry Flavor is a brilliant burst of sweet ripe summer berries to delight in. Unwind and delight in our Blueberry Flavor eLiquid anywhere you go. Wonderful, light and sweet your tastebuds will be blissed out.

Just Juice Cherry Flavor

Just Juice Cherry Flavor is great to mix with Just Juice Chocolate Flavor. Just Juice soft dark cherry aroma is more of the artificial cherry aroma than the realistic type of cherry aroma. Just Juice Cherry Flavor has heavier almond and floral notes which can make this flavor go quickly. 

Just Juice Grape Flavor

Just Juice Grape Flavor hits the spot. Irresistibly juicy and sweet. Just Juice Grape vapor is an everyday favorite. Just Juice grape flavor packs the flavor of a bunch of juicy grapes into each inhale. Savor the sweetness with each inhale.

Just Juice Fruit Punch Flavor

Just Juice Fruit Punch Flavor is all that and more. Our Fruit Punch Vape Juice truly satisfies the thirst and captivates the sweet tooth. Inhale and experience a huge gulp of fresh fruit punch anywhere you go with Just Juice Fruit Punch Flavor. If you’re wild about this beloved beverage look no further.

Just Juice Peach Flavor

Just Juice Peach Flavor is a perfect all-day vape flavor, a delectable blend of sweet peach and ripe pear. Plump peaches are mixed together with crisp pears to create a mouth-watering profile. If you're a fan of tropical eLiquids then Just Juice peach flavor was made for you.

Just Juice Chocolate Flavor

Just Juice Chocolate Flavor is a great to mix with Just Juice cherry flavor. It has a soft dark aroma. Just Juice Chocolate Flavor is thick and heavier with almond notes which can make this flavor go quickly. 

Just Juice is 100% USA made Juice by the people, for the people of America. Real American quality and taste from the best American ingredients. Our formula and flavors are developed directly out of our market research and customer experiences, ensuring that Just Juice offers the most satisfying vaping experience.