Just Juice - The Perfect Blend

What are PG and VG?

Propylene glycol (PG) and Vegetable glycerin (VG) are odorless liquids that are mixed in with additives like tobacco free nicotine and all natural flavors to make  e-juice or e-liquids for vaporizers. The difference in consistencies between PG and VG contribute to a different taste in vape juices. Both PG and VG differ in mouth and throat sensations when combined in a e-liquid vapor. 

Most e-liquids combine both PG and VG and each brands ratio differs vastly. Just Juice uses a mix to bring you the best of both PG and VG and enhance your vaping experience. 

How are PG and VG different?

Propylene glycol (PG) is gentler on the throat, considered to be more flavorful than VG and the vapor plumes are significantly less dense. Compared to Vegetable glycerin (VG). VG vapor gives off a thicker vapor cloud, has a smoother effect on the throat, and is a bit sweeter to the tastebuds. 

Propylene Glycol

Propylene glycol is most frequently used as the base liquid for e-liquids and electronic cigarettes. The consistency of PG is very runny and thick making it a bit messier than VG. It drips faster into the electronic cigarettes wick and atomizer, meaning a faster burning e-liquid.

Due to the thinner nature of PG liquid, it does not gunk up the coil or atomizer and tank as much as VG. 

Propylene is also considered a humectant, which means it keeps things moist. That’s a good thing when it comes to the kind of hit it can deliver. It offers a sharp, satisfying hit to the back of your throat, similar to tobacco. The propylene on its own offers no taste, so it does not alter the flavor of the Just Juice e-liquids.

Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable glycerin tastes sweeter and the liquid is much thicker compared to PG. VG has a distinct taste that tends to slightly impact the flavor. Just Juice products use a blend to maximize flavor and give you the thick vapor you love.

Our blend of PG and VG makes for those dragon like vapor clouds you love. 

Which One Is Better?

The only real advantage the vegetable glycerin has over its counterpart is its thicker plumes. Many people crave the sensation of blowing big clouds of vapor. Also VG does distort the flavor of the e-liquid slightly, making it the less common choice. Therefore, Just Juice products are a blend of both so we can offer our customers the absolute best vaping experience possible. 

Other uses of PG and VG

PG is an ingredient found in many oral and topical products such as asthma inhalers, medical topical products and beauty products. VG is also used in pet food, toothpaste, deodorant, aftershave and various beauty products. 

The Just Juice Blend

Our blend is 60% PG and 40% VG. This blend, coupled with our incredible sources for all natural flavorings make our e-liquid vape juices a completely satisfying experience.