Making High Quality CBD Oil

Just Juice CBD hemp plants are sustainably grown in the USA. Our Hemp farm partners are located in California. All of our hemp is sustainably grown, processed and extracted in California, straight from the farm to you! 

We take our commitment seriously to provide high quality CBD oil at affordable prices you can’t beat! At Just Juice we take great responsibility for every step of the process to deliver quality and consistency in our CBD vape juice. 

Just Juice uses CBD oil that is made by extracting CBD from the hemp plant and then mixed with a carrier oil. Our Just Juice CBD products carrier oil consist of 60% Propylene glycol and 40% Vegetable Glycerin. Just Juice guarantees a tolerance of plus or minus 3% of CBD in each product. The THC content detected is 0.3% or lower in adherence with federal standards.

With the growing accessibility of CBD products on the market at a range of price points, consumers are beginning to become more discerning in their purchasing selections. At Just Juice we offer high quality CBD products with competitive pricing. 

Customers want to know where their CBD is sourced, how it is sourced. Our hemp farm is located in California. At Just Juice our CBD oil extracts are processed in California and undergo lab testing to ensure maximum quality and potency. To ensure each batch of CBD oil is of superior quality for our customers, we share with you our lab testing results. Visit our Lab results page on our website to find the certificate of analysis for the CBD oil used in your Just Juice CBD vape juice. 

Extraction methods vary and the new consumer is learning that not all CBD extracts are created equally. Just like the food we eat, CBD is as good as the soil it is grown in, and the soil is as good as the farmers insure it to be. Our hemp farmers take pride in ensuring top notch soil quality. The soil make up, moisture content, and PH levels are essential factors in cannabinoid hemp agriculture. Our hemp farmers are experts at delivering a clean and consistent product. Our CBD oil comes from hemp plants grown outdoors and harvested when the hemp plant has reached full growth potential. The plant is then taken through the process of CO2 extraction. 

Our CBD oils test clean and free from any heavy metals or toxins. Just Juice CBD is sustainably sourced. We use the CO2 extraction method which requires expertise in chemical extraction and purification of hemp oils. This process is essential for turning plants into a variety of other products, like our Just Juice CBD Vape Juice. Plant extractions involve grinding up the organic material and bathing it in a solvent to pull out the desired components. The goal: an oil that retains a wide array of compounds, all of which contribute to potency, aroma, and terpene profile, without co-extracting undesirable components. Extraction methods differ based on the mode of ingestion of the finished product. Just Juice uses CO2 extraction methods which is one of the best for inhalation product purposes.

Because the present CBD industry is largely unregulated, it is important to only purchase  products that have undergone third party testing to get quality assurance. Our CBD oil is third party tested and certified clean. Just Juice CBD vape liquid has less than .03% of THC. You can view the certificate of analysis that breaks down the verified ingredients and active cannabinoids.

Our third party testing can also determine other compounds like terpenes, which add rich aromatics as well as whole plant synergistic effects, and flavonoids. Just Juice CBD Vape Juice tests clean. We do not use pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides on our hemp plants. Our Just Juice CBD oil also tests clean for microbial tests, salmonella or e.coli that can occur in less-than-perfect grow rooms and production facilities. 

At Just Juice we are a fully transparent, reputable company. Our CBD Oil Vape Juices come with a product batch number so you can see the lab results and know the quality of the product you are purchasing. You can view the certificate of analysis that breaks down the verified ingredients and active cannabinoids. This is an exciting new time for the development of CBD as a regulated good and what the public consumers demand will inevitably influence the quality of product provided. CBD consumers are actively shaping the quality standards of the industry now and into the future. Just Juice CBD Products are cultivated with compassion and processed with delicate expertise in the United States.