Selecting The Right Nicotine Strength

Selecting the right Just Juice eLiquid goes beyond selecting your favorite flavors. Choosing the right strength of nicotine can make or break your vaping experience. You may find from your initial first hit of vapor that you want to stick with it or give it up on the spot. Here at Just Juice we keep in mind the different needs when crafting our eLiquids. This information should help you in selecting the right nicotine strength in your eLiquid.

With Vaping on the rise as a less harmful alternative to cigarette smoking, tobacco smoking is 20.9% lower than it was a decade ago. Right now about 10% of adults in the USA vape and that number is growing. The CDC has acknowledged vaping to have the potential to assist adults who wish to quit smoking. Here at Just Juice we are dedicated to providing you with high quality eLiquids using only the safest, most trusted ingredients. Our team at Just Juice takes pride in providing our customers with quality vape juices, offering less harmful alternatives to smoking and ensuring the best experience possible. We strive to meet the vast needs of our customers, whether you are new to vaping, trying to quit smoking, testing out nicotine strengths or maybe you love vaping, but you are not a smoker. Just Juice is your one stop vape shop. We are happy to help you every step of the way in finding the right nicotine strength.

The first thing you should understand is that 1mg of Just Juice pure nicotine is equivalent to one cigarette. For every cigarette smoked there is 1mg of nicotine being ingested. When vaping Just Juice eLiquid you are ingesting pure nicotine and none of the bad stuff cigarettes have such as tar, urea, hydrogen, cyanide, etc. However, vaping Just Juice eLiquid is much different than smoking, and even some heavy smokers prefer a lighter nicotine level. For example, Just Juice eLiquids come in 10 milliliters and 30 milliliters. If you are vaping our 12mg/30ml Just Juice eLiquid, that means that there are 12mg of nicotine in every 1 milliliter of eLiquid. So if you have a 3ml tank filled with a 12mg/ml nicotine strength then you have: 3ml x 12mg = 36mg of nicotine in your tank.  Some people love to blend our Just Juice 0mg and 12mg eLiquid to create a lighter nicotine vape juice. 

The second thing to consider is your daily smoking habits and whether you have a goal to reduce your nicotine intake, quit smoking altogether, or you vape for simple pleasure. If you are a social smoker or you smoke less than 10 cigarettes a day your best bet is to start with Just Juice 0mg eLiquid or do a 50/50 blend of 0mg and 12mg. A lower nicotine strength is recommended if you fall in this category. Our Just Juice 12mg eLiquid can suit your needs if you need a bit more nicotine. If you are someone who smokes a pack a day, but you are new to vaping, you should start with the Just Juice 12mg eLiquid and see how it suits you. You can go up from there if you find yourself craving more nicotine. Keep in mind that the Just Juice 24mg eLiquid is pretty strong. We recommend 24mg eLiquids to those heavy smokers (20+ cigarettes a day). 

When lowering your nicotine dose it is important to take it slow so you don’t experience unwanted symptoms. If you intend to reduce your nicotine consumption or you are trying to quit smoking start by lowering you nicotine dose by a few milligrams each week. You can mix Just Juice 0mg eLiquid to your 24mg or 12mg eLiquid if you want to lighten your nicotine intake. You can start with a 20/80 ratio of 20% 0mg and 80% 12mg and so on. Making your way down to a 40/60 ratio to a 50/50 ratio of Just Juice eLiquid and so on. You can also vape less and use a higher nicotine strength. Vaping Just Juice 0mg eLiquid is best for individuals who have worked their way down from higher levels of nicotine. Just Juice 0mg eLiquid is perfect for those who want to indulge in those vapor clouds without the existence of nicotine.

We would like to bring your awareness to the fact that the higher the nicotine level is in your Just Juice eLiquid, the harsher the taste and throat hit will be. Some vapers prefer a lower nicotine level that gives a smoother hit and allows them to enjoy the flavor better. For those who prefer vaping sparingly throughout the day a higher nicotine strength such as our Just Juice 12mg or 24mg eLiquid may be preferred. Individuals who vape in longer sessions however, may feel that the higher nicotine eLiquids are overkill for them, causing unwanted symptoms of dizziness or nausea. In that case we recommend our 12mg and 0mg of Just Juice eLiquid. 

Here at Just Juice we are happy to help you find the perfect nicotine strength and offer a less harmful alternative to smoking. We are committed to delivering you quality products you will love. Just Juice is 100% USA made Juice by the people, for the people of America. Real American quality and taste from the best American ingredients. Just Juice is your one stop vape shop!