About Just Juice

Just Juice Our History

DNA Distributors is a team comprised of retail tobacco innovators and pioneers in the e-cigarette and vape industry. In 2009, our first consumer vape was Cigalectric, a rechargeable and cartridge based vape sold throughout the Midwest and southeastern United States. In 2013, we introduced Just Juice e-liquids as vape consumers sought a more customized experience including flavored options. In 2014, we launched one of the first commercially available cannabis vaporizers aptly named “The Happy Cig”. Today the Just Juice brand includes over 30 different varieties, is available across 13 states and in over 5000 retail locations.

The Highest Quality Vaping Products at Affordable Prices!

Just Juice is 100% USA made Juice by the people, for the people of America. Real American quality and taste from the best American ingredients. Our formula and flavors are developed directly out of our market research and customer experiences, ensuring that Just Juice offers the most satisfying vaping experience.


Taste It, Feel It, Vape It!

The Just Juice eLliquids are available in 24mg, 12mg, and 0mg strengths. There are 15 flavors and 3 different strengths of nicotine. Our blend is 60% PG and 40% VG. This blend, coupled with our incredible sources for all natural flavorings make our eLiquid a completely satisfying experience.