Just Juice CBD Vape Juices

Customers want to know where their CBD is sourced and how it is sourced. Our hemp farm is located in California. Here at Just Juice we use the CO2 extraction method which requires expertise in chemical extraction and purification of hemp oils. The goal: an oil that retains a wide array of compounds, all of which contribute to potency, aroma, and terpene profile, without co-extracting undesirable components. At Just Juice our CBD oil extracts are sustainably farmed and undergo lab testing to ensure maximum quality and potency. To ensure each batch of CBD oil is of superior quality for our customers, we share with you our lab testing results. We take our commitment seriously to provide high quality CBD oil at affordable prices you can’t beat!

Just Juice CBD Juice Ingredients  

Propylene glycol (PG)

Our Just Juice CBD products carrier oil consist of 60% Propylene glycol. Propylene glycol, or PG, is an organic, synthetic compound made by synthesizing it from a sugar alcohol. Propylene is also considered a humectant. It offers a sharp, satisfying hit to the back of your throat. The propylene does not alter the flavor of the Just Juice CBD Vape Juice.  

Vegetable glycerin (VG)

Our Just Juice CBD products carrier oil consist of 40% Vegetable Glycerin. Vegetable glycerin is a clear and odorless liquid that comes from plant oils. Typically the palm plant. VG vapor gives off a thicker vapor cloud, has a smoother effect on the throat, and is a bit sweeter to the tastebuds. Just Juice CBD Juices use a blend to maximize flavor and give you the big vapor clouds you love.

CBD Isolate

Just Juice CBD Isolate is made using the CO2 extraction method which is essential for turning plants into CBD oil and is proven to be the best method for inhalation product purposes. Just Juice guarantees a tolerance of plus or minus 3% of CBD in each product. The THC content detected is 0.3% or lower in adherence with federal standards. At Just Juice you can choose from 250mg or 750mg of CBD.

Natural flavor

We use only FDA approved natural food grade flavoring in our Juices. Our CBD Vape Juices come in three delicious flavors. Our team has crafted a perfect balance of flavors making for sensational vaping.

Here at Just Juice we are passionate about creating clean and simple, superior quality vape juices. We do not use any vitamin E in any of our eLiquid juices. We take pride in being a fully transparent, reputable company. Our CBD Oil Vape Juices come with a product batch number so you can see the lab results and know the quality of the product you are purchasing. At Just Juice we take great responsibility for every step of the process to deliver quality and consistency in our CBD vape juice. Just Juice CBD Products are cultivated with compassion and processed with delicate expertise in the United States.